Grads at Blackwood

From paintings to media clips, the Sheridan and U of T Mississauga graduates made their talent public at the second Art and Art History Exhibition on March 19 at the Blackwood Gallery.

Located in the Kaneff building, the Blackwood Gallery was filled with intrigued faces trying to piece together the meanings behind many of the unusual artworks. One such piece, Ryan Lords media clip, had gathered a larger crowd than some of the other paintings and displays. It depicted something completely out of the ordinary — both disturbing and bloody. A third-year art student went so far as to note that she had never seen anything like this and couldnt decipher the meaning of all the blood, and where it was coming from.

The event itself proved to be a success. Students from all walks came to observe the skill of UTM and Sheridan campuses graduating class. First-year political science major, Michal Marcinkiewicz, was particularly fascinated with the atmosphere created. Though art isnt one of my primary interests, its a unique experience seeing some of the artwork because it was unusual. It wasnt your everyday painting, it had depth and substance.

The environment at the Blackwood Gallery was very pleasant and inviting. Students were able to mingle and discuss the artwork and were all given the opportunity to acquire some form of artistic knowledge.

Zoriana Pacula, a visiting student, wished that UTM held more of these events. This way, students not in art programs can continue to admire and analyze art, added Pacula. Others, such as George Nashaat, who had been dragged to this art show to accompany a friend also added to that sentiment. I have never seen so much diversity in art — I never imagined a fish tank to be considered as art. We have a talented bunch of graduates, commented Nashaat.    The artwork presented at the Blackwood Gallery was a representation of all possible forms of art. Media clips, solid objects, paintings, and photos all together proved art to be more than just a drawing or painting but rather an expression of an idea, experience or feeling.

The only two oil canvas paintings on display were Ashley Regimbal-Kungs Waking and Elisha Macorettas Her . Ironically enough, they were placed beside one another and exhibited the same subject of a female. This essentially allowed individuals to draw their own conclusions and create their own connections.

photo/Matthew Filipowich
photo/Matthew Filipowich

There exists great artistic talent passing through the UTM and Sheridan campus, and it was assuredly brought together and flaunted at the Blackwood Gallery.

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