Students flocked to the art sale held by UTM’s Department of Visual Studies Student Society. Art of many different media, including painting, prints, photography, and sculptures created by students in the art and art history program, was for sale. The beautiful compositions ranged in price from $2 to $20, keeping the budgets of fellow students in mind.

The purpose of last Monday’s art sale was to raise money, not only for DVSSS but also to help pay for a trip for a fourth-year art class to New York to visit the prestigious Bernini exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The enthusiasm and passion of the organizers previewed their excitement for the trip, on which they hope to find inspiration for their future work.

Fellow students were encouraged to bring their own art to sell or donate. Many were eager just to find out if other people would enjoy their art enough to purchase it. Overall, the art sale was effective, raising over $300 towards the society and the field trip.

The four hours in the Meeting Place in Davis Building saw a steady stream of interest from customers. Some of the patrons showed off their newly acquired art to their friends in the Meeting Place and the Temporary Food Court, which quickly spread the interest around campus and greatly benefitted the sale.

DVSSS holds events throughout the school year, including workshops, networking events, study sessions, academic advising, and socials.

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