In late October 2013, teenage girls everywhere were distraught when the Jonas Brothers, consisting of Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas, announced that they were breaking up the band. The announcement came right before they were set to embark on tour to promote their fifth studio album that was never released. Nick, the youngest of the band, admitted he was the one who initiated the idea that the band of brothers should split up. They felt that there were complications between them that had gone unaddressed for too long. They felt that they were best suited at the time to part ways and do individual projects.

During this time, Nick went on to pursue a solo career. He successfully released two albums and went on multiple tours. Joe also stayed in the music scene, forming pop band DNCE with his friends Jack Lawless (drummer for the Jonas Brothers), Cole Whittle, and JinJoo Lee. DNCE released one album and two EPs. Meanwhile, Kevin was the only brother who stayed away from another music career. Instead, he focused on building a family. He now has two daughters with wife, Danielle.

The fate of the Jonas brothers as a band remained in limbo for five years.

Over the next couple of years while the band was broken up, rumours of the brothers’ return popped up every now and then. The boys did not comment on any of them. But on the night of February 27, 2019, fans took notice that all of the Jonas Brothers social media accounts changed the profile pictures to black. In Internet fan language, changing all profile pictures to black is a sign that a new era is coming. Everyone’s suspicions were right.

The very next day, the Jonas Brothers officially announced their comeback. It caused havoc all over the Internet. They announced that their new single “Sucker” was set to be released at midnight on March 1. Its release was accompanied by a music video. In the video, all three brothers appear with their real life significant others frolicking around a gorgeous castle in England. It’s a playful video that showcases their relationships. The performance shots of the boys were reminiscent of their older music videos like “Hold On” and “Lovebug.”

“Sucker” is exactly what you would expect a modern-day Jonas Brothers song to sound like. They’ve stuck with their knowledge of curating contagious hooks while experimenting with a new, punchier sound to bring into the mainstream. They’ve grown up, and so did their music. It’s safe to say that “Sucker” will be on everyone’s playlist this summer as the song topped many charts shortly after its release.

Upon the news of the reunion, fans should expect a new album and tour this year.

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