Death from Above 1979 is back, baby. It only took 10 years, but all good things are worth the wait. Now, when I say “good”, that’s an understatement. I mean that their new album is so good that I want to sit and listen to it for days until I inevitably overplay every song of the album.

The Physical World is their first album to drop in a decade due to the band’s breakup in 2006. Fans were not to be stopped, though, and great music always finds a way to the ears of music junkies as the band’s debut album, You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, continued to sell despite their split. The duo reunited in 2011 and fans have finally been graced with a new album.

Even if Death from Above 1979 doesn’t initially sound like a band you’d normally listen to, this album is bound to change your mind. The first track to drop off this album was “Trainwreck 1979”, and it left me begging for more. I expected it to be one of the first few songs in the album, but it was number seven on a 35-minute album with 11 songs. In any case, both the first and second halves are intense and enough to drive anyone to start headbanging… or something a little more low-key for someone like me, such as foot-tapping. My personal favourites on this album would be “Cheap Talk”, “Virgins”, and “Trainwreck 1979”.

The bottom line is that The Physical World is not something you should be depriving yourself of. This great album marks the return of one of this generation’s best bands, so, you know, get on that. MMMMM

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