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Volume 42, Issue 17 (February 8, 2016)

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Report released on sexual violence

U of T has published the findings of a 15-month, tri-campus review of the university’s dealing with sexual violence on campus. Released on Tuesday, the...

Three percent parking permit and five percent residence fee increases passed by Campus Council

The method for data collection is yet to be determined

Survey collects stats on sex, drugs, alcohol, and health

Over 100 people gave blood on campus

The cost of telling the truth

Let’s talk a little bit about the role of a newspaper in the rapidly changing world of information access. In some ways, we have much greater access to information these days than we’ve ever had in the past. With increased technology and nearly constant access...

Sometimes, tough love is just what you need to realize that you can do something, and do it well

Joking about rape normalizes it at the expense of survivors

On your marks, get set, Shakespeare

Last year, Theatre Erindale ran an experiment: they took two condensed Shakespeare plays (Troilus and Cressida and Romeo and Juliet) and cast both with...

DVSSS gets students connected with a postcard project and meet-and-greet afterparty

A thin plot doesn’t stop Chelsea Hotel from making a bang

UC Follies confront the big scary issues with sketch comedy to lighten the load

Grease Live leaves much to be desired

The abortion divide: pro-life or choice?

The late 20th century remained a particularly active time for Canadian politics following the revival of the debate over “reproductive politics”. The debate introduced...

The Tarboosh Restaurant, MSA, and UTMSU together held a series of “Sandwiches for Syria” sales

What went on at Community Outreach Engagement Network Week

Since the sports section’s Weekly Workout Tips is all about procrastination this week, I’ll...

Body language changes who you are

Feeling nervous before a big game, public presentation, or interview? Take a few minutes and try Captain Morgan to ease that tension and summon...

UTM Eagles men’s basketball team loses a close game to UTSC Maroons before large crowd

Right now you’re procrastinating until the point that it becomes more painful not to...

You won’t hear clunking helmets or shoulder pad collisions, but you will hear fans...