Tuesday, March 28, 2023

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Special Topics in Criminology: Drugs and the Modern World

SOC300 “Special Topics in Criminology: Drugs and the Modern World” examines how psychoactive drug production, trade, consumption, and regulation works in the modern world. The drugs discussed...

New adaptable virtual biology textbook

While many students and families may struggle beneath the burden of expensive tuition fees, the cost of textbooks often contributes to financial stress as well. With...

Textbook revamps U of T curriculum

A complaint lodged in early 2010 by an unidentified student and two doctors in the faculty of medicine about a textbook has prompted U...

Textbook rental program now available at bookstores

In a student survey done in September 2009, 66% of students told the U of T Bookstore that they were interested in renting textbooks....

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