Saturday, May 18, 2024

Tag: Muslim Students’ Association

Vandalism in St. George prayer room

A Turbah Box was found damaged on Friday in the Bahen prayer room in the University of Toronto downtown campus with a hate note...

Islamophobia at U of T party

U of T’s St. Michael’s College Student Union’s vice-president Kevin Vando agreed to resign from the union following an Islamophobic video that he shared...

Multi-faith space: a “band-aid solution”?

Two new multi-purpose areas opened in Deerfield Hall intended for multi-faith, meditation, and study purposes have been deemed a “band-aid solution” to address calls...

IAW: Islam in an Age of Reason

In a broad attempt to reach out to UTM students, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) explored the idea of faith and God within a...

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