Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Convocation: A family celebration

At convocation students receive their diplomas—a marker of their hard work and determination over the past four years and a celebration of their accomplishments...

Meet Alan Lovette: a lifelong learner

If you’ve ever dropped by the library, then chances are you’ve met Alan Lovette. While the name may not be familiar, Lovette is an...

You’re never too old to stop learning

I was listening to Chris Hardwick speak to Neil Degrasse Tyson on The Nerdist. In their conversation, Tyson mentioned that when we become older,...

A new name, a new year: CSE is ready

This summer, the student life department has undergone a few changes, and is now known as the Centre of Student Engagement. According to the mission...

What you didn’t know about ADHD

We all have that one crazy friend—the one that never stops talking about the hot girls or guys in their classes, checks their Facebook every two minutes during lectures, and always has something to rant about, no matter how irrelevant.

Rethinking post-secondary education

The long and storied career of Progressive Conservative William Davis, the premier of Ontario for 14 years from 1971-85, made for an engaging seminar...

The pressures of learning

At a very young age, children are confronted with a question that, even as adolescents, some cannot answer: what do you want to be?...

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