Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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Campus affairs committee raises fees

The first Campus Affairs Committee meeting of the year was held this past Wednesday, January 16. The meeting provided an overview of extra-departmental units (EDUs) and their...

Parking pass fees increase

Last Wednesday, the UTM’s Campus Council had its final meeting of the 2018 semester. Topics included enrollment rates, future construction plans, and fee increases...

UTMSU raises executive salaries

The UTMSU is currently working on raising the salaries of their executive members from $28,500 to $31,600. According to meeting minutes recently released by the...

Alternative policy to tution hikes

The budget cites that tuition fees have increased at more than double the rate of inflation since the 1990s.

Québec students protest tuition hikes

As part of a series of protests, thousands of students took to the streets of downtown Montréal in the largest demonstration yet against the...

Parking vote confusion resolved

Erindale College Council recommends fee increases.

QSS fee increases

UTMSU and University Faculty came together on February 14 for a QSS Special Purpose meeting in order to discuss fee increases and vote on...

31 percent increase proposed for U-Pass

With the U-Pass vote beginning Tuesday, UTMSU has been campaigning for the last two weeks in an effort to encourage students to vote yes...

Student Housing defends residence fee increases

Residence fees are increasing, largely due to a five-million dollar mortgage that the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) took out twenty years ago. The...

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