QSS fee increases

UTMSU and University Faculty came together on February 14 for a QSS Special Purpose meeting in order to discuss fee increases and vote on changes.

The purpose of the meeting was to continue discussions from a previous QSS meeting on February 11, where Child Care Support fees were suggested to increase by 3% from $7.92 to $8.16 for full-time students and from $1.58 to $1.63 for part-time students.

The first motion put forward was to keep the proposed 3% increase. After a vote, the motion failed.

During the Special Purpose meeting, a new motion was put forward to increase the Child Care Support fee by 2.7% instead of the previous suggestion of 3%. The motion was passed with a vote of 15 in favour and 2 against. In the 2011-12 school year, Child Care fees will increase from $7.92 to $8.13 for full-time students and from $1.58 to $1.63 for part-time students.

With the 2.7% increase, the UTM user fee will be equivalent to the St. George user fee for Child Care Services; which was one of the main problems in previous years.

A motion to increase to Health Services fees and Phys Ed & Athletics fees failed and increases of $28.67 and $0.00, respectively, will be saught through the University Affairs Board, which will not require a vote.

Finally a motion to increase the International Centre (a suggested increase of $0.05), the UTM Shuttle Service (a suggested increase of $41.93), the Career Centre, Handbook and Communications fees (no change), and the addition of a Graduate UPass was passed with a vote of 11 to 6.

The next QSS meeting will take place on March 11 in Council Chambers.

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