Friday, June 21, 2024

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Bai has some big badminton dreams

UTM’s varsity badminton team has been on a meteoric rise for the last several semesters and has its sights set on absolute victory. Just...

Regional loss for UTM

The OCAA badminton team was assembled in October and spent the past few months practising twice a week in Gym C, competing in three...

The next step in Lam Trinh’s legacy

With each passing month, a new UTM team is inducted into the world of OCAA. Next on the docket is badminton, which the Eagles...

Badminton and basketball unites students for clean water campaign

In conjunction with non-profit organization Free the Children, the UTM Interfaith Committee coordinated a Clean Water Campaign on January 19. They incorporated three-on three-basketball...

Badminton Club rises from the ashes at UTM

Only in its second year of operation, the Badminton Club has become one of the campuss most successful athletic clubs with over 150 members....

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