Friday, February 23, 2024

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Finding an outlet for art on campus

Art is a universal tool that transcends social boundaries. It allows us to share thoughts, opinions, and messages that we might otherwise keep to...

TEDxUofT: what does open mean to you?

On Saturday February 18, TEDxUofT returned with their fifth annual conference at the Isabel Bader Theatre. The event featured various speakers (such as UTM’s...

The team behind TEDxUofT’s magic

Next Saturday, TEDxUofT’s fifth annual conference, with the theme “Open,” will take place at the Isabel Bader Theatre, located at the University of Toronto’s...

He does it all: Ogude shows his colours

A second-year UTM student, Tobi Ogude is far from limited to academics. Some may recognize him from EDSS and UTMDC’s “Slam and Chill” poetry...

Poets plough through Pump & Patio noise

UTM students eagerly piled into the Erindale Pump and Patio last Thursday for EDSS’s Poetry Night Live. Students sang, recited slam, danced, and stuffed...

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