Monday, April 22, 2024

Tag: political correctness

Going beyond ‘brownface’

Last week, TIME magazine released a photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau donning “brownface” and wearing a turban. Since then, it has come to light...

What do you mean you’re offended?

Why are we so sensitive? In 2016, political correctness has become a reigning force in Western society. We’ve become hypersensitive towards anything that has...

Peterson warns America about new bill on gender-neutral pronouns

In light of his controversial comments, professor Jordan Peterson wrote an opinion piece for The Hill on October 18 warning the U.S about similar...

Speak no evil, hear no evil

“That’s so gay. You’re such a faggot.” Did you mentally wince when you read that? Many people have realized that derogatory words like homophobic or ableist...

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