Friday, April 12, 2024

Tag: MiST Theatre

The challenges of remote performance

Theatre Erindale and the MiST Theatre echo with silence. At Sheridan College, acting rooms collect dust while the stages remain empty. COVID-19 has closed...

Consent: It’s really, really important

Paul Downs Colaizzo’s Really Really opened at the MiST Theatre this past Thursday. The play, which is directed by Michael Bradley, focuses on issues...

A postponed burial and an ancestral trek

This past week, the UTM Drama Club presented two emotionally-charged performances of Wajdi Mouawad’s contemporary play Scorched, directed by Tanisha Sinclair. The play documents...

Everyone goes a little nuts sometimes

I never really knew how much effort went into the creation of student-produced plays until I attended one. The Nut Case was performed over two...

Dancing alone in spite of stormy weather

Embracing powerful topics through the art of dance is nothing new. Choreographers play around with different themes and subject matters, all trying to convey...

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