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Volume 46, Issue 9 (November 10, 2019)

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GO passengers can soon pay their fare by tap

Metrolinx, the transit agency that owns PRESTO and manages several other transit systems in the province, recently announced that GO transit buses will undergo...

On October 2, a UTM student was handcuffed by campus police at the Health...

Professionals question the necessity of daylight saving time change

The City of Mississauga has approved the price increase of city services like MiWay and recreational programs

The Student Mental Health Task Force released the Draft Summary of Themes that covers consultation talks

The UTM Career Centre honours its 40th anniversary with an open house event and a look at the past

Unpacking the federal election, one more time

Following the 2019 federal election, we have a lot to unpack (or as some Liberal MPs are finding, to pack up). Just as predicted, with all of the scandals and controversies, Canadians decided to hand the Liberals a minority government. This is significant for a number of...

Are people in the Middle East protected from the Islamic State now that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead?

As much as they preach inclusion for all, a part of our community always seems to get left behind

Musicians are not God. Attributing being alive to a famous musician or celebrity is not the way to go

What do you get when you place a building with poor infrastructure, ugly interior design,...


Nochlin addresses the pervasive idea of the “Great Artist:” the unrealistic assumption that skilled artists are blessed with a natural gift that simply reveals itself, often...

The show’s lack of romantic storylines makes the drama stand out

The exhibition at Square One shopping centre brought to life many scenes from the childhood classic

The television show is the latest book adaptation by the network and fans are not impressed


Networks are rebooting childhood favourite shows with new plots while also keeping familiar faces

Imagine this: you’re on your laptop staring at a blank word document. Time dwindles as...

The intersection of business and tech

Collaboration between business and technology has been steadily increasing in the industry over the last few years. Experts from technological backgrounds such as computer science, mathematics, and...

Professor Poë talks about her journey to academia, her teaching career, and her advice for STEM students

Marcel Duchamp’s readymades challenged the idea of art as a planned composition for the first time

Dr. Julie MacArthur recently won the UTM Annual Research Prize for her research on African history

Treating depression just got more effective

Depression is one of the most destructive mental illnesses, and most people have likely suffered from depression, or have known someone who has dealt with the...

Childhood experiences and family SES is shown to impact quality of health in mid-life and in later adult-hood

UTM’s most decorated female athlete is a recent graduate but still heavily involved in campus athletics

Acute exposure to harmful air particles has shown to increase admissions to ER pediatric psychiatrics