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Volume 46, Issue 6 (October 20, 2019)

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Liberal party receives a sweeping election win in all Mississauga ridings

Liberal candidate Iqra Khalid was re-elected to represent UTM’s riding, Mississauga – Erin Mills, on Monday with 53.3 per cent of the vote.  Khalid defeated Conservative...

Provincial funding to post-secondary institutions will change for 2020

UTM held a sustainability conference where different disciplines explore climate change actions

The U of T Low-Carbon Action Plan aims to reduce GHG emissions by 37 per cent by 2030

Students, faculty and staff troubled by the CCT elevators speak out about entrapments and waiting times

Peel Region approved a motion to oppose Quebec’s Bill 21 that bans religious symbols for public employees

Key roads near UTM have a reduced speed limit of 40 km/h

Using contractualism in a sorority

What do we owe to each other? This is a question that contractualist philosopher Thomas Scanlon answers in his book of the same title (1998). This question is also very mundane. Every day we face situations where people expect us to do things, be it professors, bosses, friends,...

The violent revolution that has broken out in Iraq must end, and the government must restore order

Will the Canadian federal election be a lose-lose situation for the climate crisis in 2019?

Why young people should continue to demand for change, even after the federal election

Joker blurs the line between joy & sadness

Todd Phillips’ Joker has been the talk of the town for a while now. In fact, if you have been on the internet lately, then you...

The exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art follows a young individual and his realization of capitalism

The three short films spoke about feminism, otherness, and acceptance of Black culture

In a unique presentation, Viriditas touches on the future of technology and human consumption

As far as movie musicals go, West Side Story, directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, is...

The outcry about films inciting violence misses the bigger issue of gun violence in America

This current project at the MOCA examines concepts on architecture and technology

Advocating for missing Indigenous women

From a high school drop-out to an assistant professor, Dr. Jerry Flores has overcome several obstacles along his journey to academia. He is currently an assistant...

First-year UTM student Aidan Britnell is a technology innovator and the recipient of a $80,000 scholarship

UTM professor and epigeneticist Dr. Iva Zovkic talks about her ground-breaking research on histones

Dr. Larsen discusses why people fall for con artists’ schemes

Pollution might be cause of increase in violence

A study performed in the U.S. concluded that inflation in air pollution correlates with an increase in violent crimes, but poses no direct effect on property...

University of Waterloo study identified a ‘next-in-line’ effect: the inability to recall information before a performance

Stanford scientists find that leading with flavour increases the likeliness people will choose to eat veggies

Stressed out: Politics can make you sick

UTM’s Men’s Varsity Basketball fall to Seneca Sting in first game of the 2019-2020 season on the road