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Volume 46, Issue 4 (September 30, 2019)

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The Be Well Fair: A space for mental wellness

Students flocked to the Be Well Fair last Thursday to participate in wellness activities, eat free snacks, and hear Silken Laumann, the Olympian keynote speaker, give...

An informative rally was held downtown for climate awareness

The new RAWC program teaches students how to swim in peril circumstances

The Mental Health Policy Counsel held an emergency meeting following the death of a U of T student

Climate justice organizations like Fridays for Future led the Global Climate Strike downtown last Friday

The university experience needs homecoming

This past weekend, many universities across Canada finished off their first month of the new school year by holding homecoming. The question is: where was ours? Unlike other universities, UTM didn’t host a homecoming for its students and many of us are wondering why. UTM isn’t known for being...

Weed has been legal for a year. Sexual-intercourse among students is at an all-time high....

In this world of turbulent change, nothing remains permanent

In our second issue, we published an opinion on “the case for personal responsibility,”...

It is detrimental to encourage a rhetoric which distills a systemic issue into an act of laziness

The art of music is a comfort or even form of therapy for some.

As young people, we need to show people that we are united, determined, and unstoppable


After watching the sequel of Stephen King’s IT in theatres, I wanted to revisit one of King’s most iconic stories: The Shining. The Shining (1980), directed by Stanley...

Assigned as a reading for my WRI370: Writing about Place class, “Story A: Story B”...

The rapper performed his hits and urged the audience to dream big at the Scotiabank Arena

“Darkness, tragedy, and pain hide within every institution.” This is the statement hosts Kate Leonard...

Say goodbye to cable television as streaming services, such as Disney Plus, are coming to Canada fast and furiously

The exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto examines our life through technology

The exhibition transformed the Small Arms Inspection Building in Mississauga into a history lesson

Petersen receives OCUFA teaching award

UTM associate professor Dr. Andrew Petersen was recently named as one of Ontario’s most outstanding university teachers by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA). OCUFA...

UTM professor Noel Anderson studies competitive intervention

Award-winning CNN reporter Daniel Dale stresses importance of fact-checking in 2019 Snider Lecture

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is the first non-white prime minister candidate in Canadian history

UTM’s 2019 valedictorian reflects on her undergraduate journey and discusses future plans

Approximately 1,000 pounds of honey was harvested from the five beehives at UTM this year

Former Supreme Court chief justice introduced her new memoir and talked about her illustrious career

West Nile Virus not just west of the Nile

On the tail end of summer, Peel Public Health reported that a batch of mosquitos collected on Dundas Street West and Old Carriage Road area...

Elite athletes tend to have poor oral hygiene despite brushing twice a day and flossing on a regular basis

Apple’s health and fitness app updates revolutionizes what health data we can track and how track it