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Volume 46, Issue 22 (March 30, 2020)

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Weekly round-up: UTSU elections, U of T professor honoured with award,...

UTSU election results, 2020-2021 academic year In non-pandemic related news and occurrences, The Medium brings you another brief weekly round-up of various campus and city...

New MiWay transit restrictions and service reductions amidst COVID-19 pandemic

City officials discussed city changes, recommendations issued, and precautionary hospital practices

Penalties to come to those who don’t follow social distancing regulations, said Trudeau

Anticipating an influx of patients as positive COVID-19 cases increase, THP plans to open a new centre

The new Mulan remake does not include Li Shang

Disney’s Mulan follows the main character Fa Mulan as she disguises herself as a man, Ping, to take her father’s place in the Chinese...

Gorgeous constumes combined with a refreshing ensemble cast makes this one of Jane Austen’s best adaptations in recent years

: Zoom conference calls, Discord chats, and online book clubs are popular ways to connect with friends and family

Killgariff and Hardstark dissect murder mysteries from everywhere

DEK: As people isolate inside, celebrities flock to Instagram—entertaining, inspiring, and teaching fans

The UTM student is set to publish her first non-fiction novel Under the Rug next month

So long UTM: Class of ‘20 looks back and reflects on...

The completion of university is a milestone graduating students look forward to early on in the year. It signifies the end of late-night assignments...

Experts across various fields at U of T continue to find new ways to stay ahead of COVID-19

Dr. Shyon Baumann explains why social media has become a hot spot for false information

Understanding calisthenics for beginners

Calisthenics are exercises in which you use your own body weight instead of using any real weights to gain strength and achieve a higher...

A study published in Nature Communications proved that environmental experiences (specifically chronic stress) can...