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Volume 46, Issue 17 (February 10, 2020)

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UTMSU talks mental health at Town Hall event

A crowd of roughly sixty people gathered at the William G. Davis Building this past Thursday for the Mental Health Town Hall hosted by the University...

With more than halfway through the year, UTMSU discuss project updates

Despite the ongoing improvements, students continue to find issues with accessibility and comfort

Mohammad Owlia speaks out about his interview experience

Construction will start this summer to build a mixed-used area over the parking lots surrounding Square One

Zero Waste UTM and SAGE raise awareness of fast fashion with clothing swap event

After a Western University student tested positive for the coronavirus the government improved contact with post-secondary institutions

Should we get rid of students’ unions?

Ryerson University recently terminated its agreement with its students’ union, RSU, over the credit card scandal that occurred during the 2018-2019 year that allegedly saw $275,000 worth of questionable spending. After 34 years, the university cut ties because they “lost confidence” in the union due to financial mismanagement,...

A trend towards mindfulness has shown consumption and consciousness go hand in hand

The hardships of the K-Pop industry

People often like to get lost in music. We like the way it makes us feel. We like the creators and the talent. Not even language...

The Netflix show touches on many societal issues including sex, abortions, anxiety, and sexuality

The old classic kept audiences on their toes with chilling performances and staging

The Latinx superstars gave their all in a jam-packed show with mesmerizing choreography and projections

CFRE Radio hosted their first pub night which also doubled as fundraiser for the Australian bushfires

The follow-up to 2016’s Suicide Squad features an all-female cast with different ethnicities

The Stewart x Gilbert collaboration

Many young boys look forward to their first soccer game, to the annual summer canoeing trip, or to throwing a frisbee with friends at the beach....

Vinodrai’s award-winning article on housing and mixed-use zoning

UTM’s Equity and Diversity Office organized an interactive workshop to commemorate Black History Month

Where Black History Month originated, the month’s mission, and how to properly celebrate it

Tenacious UTM team blocked by UTSC

Unfortunately, playoff hopes for the UTM Tri-Campus Men’s Volleyball team were crushed on January 26 in a loss to the UTSC Maroons. UTM, however, looked forward...

Odours presented during learning and testing helps improve both memory consolidation and retrieval

A recent study on Alzheimer’s has found that aerobic exercise can improve executive brain functioning

UTM’s Women’s Tri-Campus volleyball team put up good fight against UTSC, but couldn’t come up with win