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Volume 46, Issue 15 (January 27, 2020)

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UTM community responds to the mental health report

On January 15, the Student Mental Health Task Force released their findings and recommendations in their final report to the university. The Task Force covered four...

U of T launched Iranian Student Memorial Scholarship and stated they will match any donations to the fund

Campus police officers at the downtown campus placed white paper on their dashboards to avoid fines by Toronto police

UTMSU members in QSS showed their hesitance to vote in favour of fee increases, said it wasn’t “necessarily required”

U of T responds with a Redesign Team and a CAMH partnership

If organizations view “the acknowledgement as, ‘that’s it, we have done our part,’ then please don’t bother,” said Chief LaForme

Ford’s 57 scholarships is seen by some as a political movement

Is media really to blame?

The “Media.” It is often referred to in a way that makes it sound like a foreign entity, disassociated from the people who work in the field, like journalists and editors. I’ve always been fascinated by the way people have talked about media, especially news media. How...

I recently came across an opinion piece in the Hamilton Spectator by Sue Boychuk titled,...

The Lighthouse makes roommates scary

You trudge up a rickety staircase, luggage in hand, ready to settle down into your new living space. You enter the damp room and notice...

The exhibit promotes better rest and sleep cycles with curved seats and unconventional pillows

Emma Sangalli shines as Elle Woods in Hart House Theatre’s musical rendition of Legally Blonde

The UTM alumnus has kept busy with guest roles and commercials since his graduation


The hip hop artist shows fans her way of life through pulsating beats & vocals

View to the U: UTM’s very own podcast

Did you know that UTM has its own podcast? View to the U features University of Toronto Mississauga faculty members “from a range of disciplines who...

An automated software controls the light, temperature, humidity, and irrigation in the greenhouse

Never-before-seen virus spreads to various countries including Canada

Dr. Norman Farb discusses meditation in the modern world

UTM Lady Eagles grounded by Thunder

Last Sunday afternoon, the UTM Eagles women’s varsity basketball team hoped to win their second game of the new year, and the eighth game of...

Results from recent study by MIND changes how we might understand cannabis use and driving sobriety