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Volume 46, Issue 13 (January 13, 2020)

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The PS752 plane crash affects U of T community

At least six University of Toronto (U of T) students were on the Boeing 737 plane that crashed in Iran last week. The Ukraine bound flight...

From minimum wage to out-of-country health care coverage, the new year brings new policy change

The QSS reviews changes to mandatory incidental fees

UTM club leaders make a new committee to better student mental health at UTM

The MN building wins award for its architecture

The City of Mississauga plans to build its first palliative care centre after residents’ campaign spark interest

Why I read the news but no longer watch the news

For the past two years, I have not watched television news. Yes, that’s right. In the fall of 2017, I made a conscious decision to stop watching television news. I have totally (and happily, I might add) substituted television news with newspaper media. Eliminating television news has...

People need to stop mistaking provincial government for municipal government

Compassion Fatigue is a real condition and it needs a real solution

This is the third and final part in a series on mental health. In 2017,...

Uncut Gems: Review

Uncut Gems, set amidst the bustle of New York, follows Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) as a jeweler and a compulsive gambling addict. Through the course...

Raphaela Pavlakos discusses the theme of the sixth edition of With Caffeine and Careful Thought

In Omelas, the Festival of Summer is vibrant and reflects a state of euphoria.

The internet’s most beloved sensation

The film is a thrilling new twist on the whodunit genre

The actor who plays Elle Woods in the musical adaptation discusses the production process and more

The show takes audiences back in time tp Russia in 1906 and explores the Romanovs’ deaths

Wildlife burning in Australia fires

Australia has been engulfed by overwhelming natural forest fires. The fires are a threat to the wildlife, the flora, and the people of Australia. The current...

An insider story on the anonymous student-run page

Dr. Weiguo Zhang’s study explores the cultural elements of elder abuse and senior well-being

UTM Ph.D. student Lucas Albano is researching how plants adapt to changing climates

Lady Eagles soar through the Sting swarm

On the rainy Saturday afternoon of January 11, the UTM women’s varsity basketball team looked to push the season series against Seneca to 2-0. The opening...

Here’s how to help you achieve your 2020 health and fitness goals and why many fail to see them through

The keto diet has been linked to reducing seizures, and a healthy diet with aiding mental disorders.

UTM Men’s basketball Zamam Khan makes program history in disappointing loss to Loyalist Knights