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Volume 46, Issue 11 (November 24, 2019)

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Reconsidering cannabis stores

The City of Mississauga is debating on whether cannabis retail stores should be reconsidered in 2020. When the federal government legalized cannabis in 2018, municipalities were given...

Five U of T graduate students created RoboBin, an AI robot that determines where waste goes

The Commission held their first meeting of the year to discuss ongoing initiatives and approve budgets

UTMSU’s hiring process consists of repeating members, conflicts of interest, and controversy

Mississauga mayor Bonnie Crombie discussed Mississauga’s separation plea from the Region of Peel

U of T President Meric Gertler, Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation Chief Stacey Laforme were in attendance

On tribes and better conversations

In the age of Trump and Brexit, and in a time when topics like immigration, religion, and personal ethics give rise to strong emotional reactions, conversations between ideological opponents have become exceedingly difficult, if not impossible. This polarization is also affecting our relationships—we trust our politicians, press, and...

We must stay vigilant in order to guard our democracy against the threats that are growing around the world

While Chartwells offers a small discount to student groups, the prices remain unreasonably high

The UTMSU is becoming a family-run business. Let us explain.

Marvel films are important for cinema

When asked about his thoughts on Marvel films at a promotional event for his movie The Irishman late last month, famed director Martin Scorsese described...

The Canadian indie artist gets candid about visceral lyrics, authenticity, and modern love

Call Her Daddy offers a comedic, honest place to talk about the experiences of women.

The movie focused on family and greed, but the characters were deceitful and calculative

Film studios are impeding on intellectual property rights by using technology to cast dead actors

The event featured four professionals from artistic fields to talk about networking opportunities

The play shattered the fourth wall by having audiences participate in it on an interactive stage

Stem cells’ role in medicine and research

What are stem cells and what role can they play in medicine and research? Stem cell research offers exciting possibilities in terms of regenerative medicine. However,...

3D models of footwear impressions can play important role in identifying and ruling out suspects

Long-term exposure to high salt environments found to suppress the immune response of aquatic insects

Cwikla was the 2018-2019 recipient of the June Scott Teaching Excellence Award for Teaching Assistants

Suspending morality for sporting success

“It’s just a game” is a phrase and mindset that dominates the sporting world. It downplays how brutal sports and sportspeople can be, and it trivializes...

Study finds paradoxical phenomenon in which people choose worrying over relaxing after a stressful event

Mindfulness training improves our ability to handle the anxiety that accompanies fearful memories

Digitial addiction is quickly becoming an epidemic as the use of smart devices and internet usage increases