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Volume 45, Issue 5 (October 15, 2018)

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Zero waste market at UTM

Zero Waste UTM and the University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union teamed up with multiple local stores for a Zero Waste Farmers Market on...

The University of Toronto has made it their goal to address problems cities and...

A closer look at the platforms for the current candidates, and what they hope to do about student issues

Current mayoral candidate for Mississauga reportedly not invited to forum, gives speech outside event

University releases current information on smoking cannabis

Shaping a world more unsettled via art

Oftentimes our history books are written by those with the power to tell it. These narratives are therefore subject to distortion and in certain...

Wigwe draws inspiration from a variety of musical influences around the world to create his own sound

The Good Place: The Podcast is hosted by Marc Evan Jackson and is available...

Dragan’s exhibit on view at the Blackwood Gallery visualizes unlikely connections in nature

Michael Ondaatje is a Canadian gem. He is most known for The English Patient...

Joseph Beuys exhibit consists of postminimalist artwork

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper captivate viewers in the third remake of the classic film

Seeing Scrabble through a linguistic lens

“Ok,” “twerk,” “sriracha,” and “emoji.” These seemingly random words are four of the 300 new words recently added to The Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary....

Dr. David Samson, a new anthropology professor, discusses his journey to academia and his research

October’s “Lecture Me!” event investigated the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s impact on our lives

Fiona Rawle, one of five professors across Ontario, received the prestigious OCUFA Teaching Award

At this year’s Snider Lecture, Dr. Ali Rizvi discussed the rise of The Muslim Enlightenment

Eagles unable to seal spot for playoffs

On Tuesday, October 9th, the UTM women’s varsity soccer team had their second last game of the regular season against the Sheridan Bruins. This...

Eagles suffer a whomping 7-0 loss against the Sheridan Bruins last Wednesday, October 10

U SPORTS new policy on transgender athletes allows them to participate on the team of their gender identity