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Volume 45, Issue 2 (September 16, 2018)

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UTM campus goes global

Last Wednesday, the University of Toronto Mississauga’s Campus Affairs Committee held their first meeting of the 2018-2019 academic year to discuss the status of...

UTSU committee recommends terminating agreement with UTMSU

Intelligence officials in the United States and Canada concerned about Chinese telecommunications company Huawei

UofT 28th in the world, 12th in employability

University of Toronto Student Success Centre aims to faccilitate discussions and educate students on the drug

UTM Faculty data reveals 62.9 percent of the UTM faculty is male

Free speech with strings attached

“We will not tolerate anybody using our children as pawns for grandstanding and political games. And, make no mistake, if we find somebody failing to do their job, we will act." Who do you think made that comment? And who do you think it’s targeted towards? Well,...

Women in the director’s chair at TIFF

It is no secret that gender disparities exist in the film industry. However, the Toronto International Film Festival is taking initiative to close the...

The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea exhibit explores themes of sustainability and climate change

Broadcast News (1987), written and directed by James L. Brooks, is a romantic dramedy...

When I was assigned to read The Quem Quaeritis Ceremony for Dr. Chester Scoville’s...

Sidenote is a new educational podcast hosted by Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown. The...

Self-Doubt to Success: Rebecca Horne

Rebecca Horne, a University of Toronto Mississauga Ph.D. student in the department of psychology, has recently won the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. In...

The Medium contributors gather to share their guide to delicious and affordable food around UTM

Professor Katherine Bullock from the political science department discusses her role with ISNA

At last week’s Lecture Me! event, professor Terry Robinson investigated Gothic in Northanger Abbey

The Medium investigates the psychology behind ASMR and why it has become an Internet sensation

Is breakfast the most important meal?

The basics of nutrition are one of the fundamental ways of living. Sometimes, during periods of our youth, we tend to disregard our health...

Golmakani never feels nervous or scared during soccer games, he’s always grateful for the opportunity

UTM varsity men’s soccer lost their first game of the season against the Humber Hawks last Wednesday evening