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Volume 45, Issue 19 (February 25, 2019)

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UTMSU holds emergency meeting

On February 14, the UTMSU held an emergency assembly for students to discuss possible options to combat the provincial government’s changes to OSAP, and the new...

Following the election, the results show a split between both major slates, SCSYou and Bright UTSC

Wilson served as U of T chancellor from July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2018

Eight students have been elected to sit on the council

Mark Mercer, president of SAFS, held the mini-symposium and discussed freedom of expression on campus

Ford on gun violence: shoots himself in the foot

In August of 2018, Doug Ford spoke on gun violence in Toronto. He used rhetorical techniques to hide the fact that the speech was to justify $25-million in funding on top of Toronto Police’s already $71-million funding. Ford throws the families of gun violence under the bus...

Toronto Light Festival: bright lights & cold nights

Winter in Canada is the time when people prefer to stay indoors and lay in bed rather than withstand the chilly winds and somber weather outside....

Netflix’s documentary on the Fyre Festival traces the festival’s downfall

Anyone who has watched The Princess Bride even once will forever remember its iconic lines...

Retreat director Claire Burns and actor Tony Tran discuss rehearsing for the Hart House Theatre production

Published in 2017, The Marrow Thieves is a bestselling Young-Adult novel by Métis writer Cherie Dimaline....

What does the man on the radio say to you? Welcome to Night Vale is a...

Theatre Erindale’s In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play is both comedic and nuanced in presenting complex subject matter

Video games & fanfiction as literature?

Two courses offered at UTM, ENG279 and ENG276, take a crucial look at two unconventional literary models: Video Games and Fanfiction. While UTM started offering Video...

The Medium sits down with Dr. Teresa Lobalsamo to discuss her journey to academia and her award

The new study shows that children tend to have a preference for other children with similar accents

Michelle Atkinson, Community Engagement Coordinator, explains what ARW is and the events it included

The positive health effects of probiotics

Humans are made up of a larger quantity of bacteria than cells. These bacteria can be both good or bad and a delicate balance between both...

Associate Sports & Health Editor, Sarah-May Oldfield, creates an at-home workout for students

Liquid meal replacements can be great for those crunched for time, but are not a long-term solution

Watching Netflix before bed will not only result in poor sleep, it will also affect next day alertness