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Volume 44, Issue 23 (March 12, 2018)

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Campus Council passes fee increases

Campus Council approved fee increases to University of Toronto Mississauga Students’ Union and Association of Graduate Students. This final approval indicates that the increases...

The survey received responses from 9,946 full-time undergraduate students and evaluates transit usage

Teaching assistants, contract faculty, and graduate assistants from CUPE 3903 units 1, 2, and...

A judge ruled in favour of UTMSU’s choice to deny club status.

The suspect was responsible for multiple residence robberies

Take a breath and ask what you want

You don’t want to ask what you’re curious about? What are you so afraid of? Excuse me as I take a second to be super cliché, but why should you wonder so much about something, when you can just, simply, ask it? I understand many...

A fourth-year, first-generation student weighs in on mental health issues concerning academic stress

Problems beyond the 6 by 8 jail cell

If you’ve been in the CCT building on campus anytime between early February and now, you’ve probably noticed the makeshift tent installations of Mississauga-based...

Titus Andronicus is the last production at Hart House Theatre and Shakespeare’s goriest play

Annihilation explores a metaphorical self-destruction

Norman’s mental state is at the forefront of the film Pyscho.

Chauthi Koot is a Punjabi film covering the events of the 1980s Sikh separatist movement

Women, Culture, and Society at UTM

Busy waiting outside offices and translating ideas into plans, little did UTM students Selina Azizi and Maleeha Iqbal know that the following winter, their...

The Women in Law panel discussion at UTM explored the experiences of women pursuing law

At last week’s Lecture Me! event, professor Fiona Rawle spoke about how to identify fake news

The English and Drama Student Society at UTM hosted a symposium showcasing literary research

A heartbreaking loss, a deserved win

The UTM varsity men’s and women’s indoor soccer teams had their regional soccer tournament this past Monday, March 5th. The teams travelled to London,...

Fourth-year student, Bryan Bai, hopes to advance to Nationals next year in his last year of studies