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Volume 44, Issue 15 (January 15, 2018)

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Residence and parking rates increase

The Campus Affairs Committee approved an increase in residence and food rates on campus for the 2018-2019 ancillary budget as well as reviewed plans...

Humanities, social sciences, and the sciences will see new courses, prerequisites and internship opportunities

The University of Toronto Mississauga’s Campus Police released an alert on Friday, January 13th...

The “old system” to be replaced by user friendly “Quercus”

Recipients included current faculty members, as well as alumni

The fees consist of a dozen categories

Post-undergrad disappointments

I’ve been a UTM alumna for six months now. And I still can’t land a job in my field. After getting the bachelor’s degree from Canada’s top university, along with work experience, you’d think that landing a job would be easy. I remember writing an...

Is Christianity a Western religion? A holistic and cultural perspective on the topic

The secrecy of the Salem witch trials

Lies, accusations, and secrecy are themes that shroud Hart House’s upcoming production in an ominous cloak. Kicking off the new year with The Crucible,...

A holiday isn’t complete without watching a classic holiday film. In this case, a...

Fourth-year student Florence Cao talks about the benefits of clothing swaps and inspirational bloggers

ReBlink by Alex Mayhew brings paintings on the canvas to life through digitalization and technology

The Hate U Give (2017), Angie Thomas’ debut young adult novel, explores issues of...

Director Adam Robitel’s latest horror flick Insidious: The Last Key (2018) is the fourth...

The search for warmth and shelter

Last October, a Toronto Star article by City Hall bureau chief David Rider, reported at least 70 homeless people in Toronto had died in...

Expanding into UTM, a new Jack.org chapter hopes to encourage conversations about mental health

After their launch in the February of 2015, ICUBE UTM discusses support available to startups

Exploring Queer and Victorian literature

Eagles place second at first tournament

The UTM women’s varsity soccer team had their first tournament of the season last Saturday, January 13. The tournament was hosted by Centennial College...

Protect yourself against the cold this winter through sleep, hand sanitizer, and dressing warm

Oil of oregano is known to be a natural antibiotic that fights viruses

Vitamin D can be received through natural sunlight exposure and through foods we ingest