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Volume 44, Issue 11 (November 20, 2017)

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White nationalist posters found at UTM

Posters from a group called “Students for Western Civilization” were put up across the University of Toronto Mississauga last week, advocating for the preservation...

Krull received the robes of the principal after taking the Oath of Office during last week’s ceremony

The University of Toronto Electric Vehicle Research Centre (UTHEV) has obtained a large investment...

New bylaw is meant to streamline the complaint procedure

The centre is meant to provide support for assault survivors

Liberals legislated faculty back to work

Dank memes and political schemes

Memes are the new political cartoon—every political issue has a meme. Some memes are funny because the ideas perpetuated are ridiculous, but these memes are not meant to create any kind of impact. Other memes may focus on important issues with an ironic or...

Ultimately, analysis of the product cannot be fully detached from the process

Jordan Peterson needs to criticize his own academic discipline before attacking other studies on campus

A second perspective of Twelfth Night

Theatre Erindale presented a very captivating and witty spectacle of William Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night. The play follows shipwrecked Viola’s (Esther McLachlin) arrival at...

Cast members reveal the underlying gendered interpretation of the original Shakespearean play

Renowned Soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky’s style is vivid and rich in character development

Dill The Giant, E.GG, and Steve form the Manitoba-based tripartite underground rap group 3Peat

Jennifer Lawint’s exhibit at The Art Gallery of Mississauga investigates the role of pick up artists

Bryn McAuley voiced young Caillou for the show’s first season in the late 90s while living in Ottawa

Revisionist History is a podcast by Canadian journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell. Currently in...

A clean environment: a commodity?

Last Wednesday, the Political Science and Pre-Law Association at UTM, with the Society for Geography and Environment, hosted law professor at Wayne State University...

Professor Koenig-Woodyard from the Department of English and Drama speaks about monsters

Last Monday, the Linguistics Brown Bag speaker series hosted UTSC professor Atiqa Hachimi

UTM alumni Mohammad Maxwel Hasan speaks to The Medium about his public speaking journey

Last Thursday, the Wen-Do course at UTM celebrated its second graduating class.

For health’s sake, read the ingredients

A series of studies and interviews with doctors in the Netflix documentary, What the Health, show how eating processed meats and dairy products lead...

The UTM women’s volleyball team plays outstanding match despite loss against St. George Blacks

UTM’s cross country team competed at Nationals last Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November...

Tai Chi is a form of martial art that is said to improve well-being

UTM had a great showing against the Redeemer Royals where there was only an 8-point difference