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Volume 41, Issue 6 (October 20, 2014)

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Exploring gambling problems

Know the Score 2 visited the campus to spread awareness about problem gambling through interactive booths in the IB atrium, the Meeting Place, and...

Ontario expands fund for projects focusing on student health

Market slowly reforming, but poor revenue still forcing papers to cut spending

UTSU to vote at AGM on change to include only the voices of marginalized students

Face controversy honestly

Reading an email from the executive director of UTMSU to the executive team and associates is disappointing, but not a huge surprise. It features the usual half-truths and sketchy policies I’ve come to expect in my years here. First, a bit of background. The annual...

Taking on darker projects

EDSS TV was created earlier this year in March by Siddharth Singh, this year’s president of the English and Drama Student Society, who observed...

Gone Girl lampoons the role of modern media in judging people

Former UTM English TA Helen Marshall on her new book Gifts for the One Who Comes After

Pen pal project finally develops a UTM-specific branch, involves canvasboard creativity

To say that Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s Lost Girls is only a sex...

Students get a night of poetry and jazz, almost free

Every obstacle is an opportunity

The Medium spoke to Rabia Khedr, UTM alumna and candidate for Ward 6 City Councillor for Mississauga in the upcoming municipal elections. Khedr has chaired...

What started with a group of friends from high school has grown into a successful start-up

Discover what UTM’s WalkSafers get up to on the average shift

Adapted from Rose Reisman’s Rose Reisman’s Light Vegetarian Cooking

AskMe campaign sees moderate success, low profile

UTM has recently shifted away from the Green Dot campaign dedicated to teaching bystanders...

Rotman returns to UTM

The revamped Division 1 UTM Eagles basketball team played their third game of the season on Wednesday against reigning champs Rotman A in a...

Coaches Yearwood and Brown on the players they’re looking for on UTM’s new teams

Being a U of T student athlete is a title that I see as...

UTM’s late effort fails in tight game against tri-campus rivals