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Volume 38, Issue 22 (March 26, 2012)

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Where are the voters?

UTM Engage wins UTMSU election with about 17% voter turnout

About 20 students attended, including regular students and members of UTMSU

The budget cites that tuition fees have increased at more than double the rate of inflation since the 1990s.

Students debated UTMSU elections and UTMAC candidates campaigned at the event

CUPE national representative warns against violating bylaws

As part of a series of protests, thousands of students took to the streets...

Starting anew

A word from next year’s EiC

This letter is written is response to last week’s letter to the editor, “Disappointed...

Dear Editor, We, the executives of the Catholic Students’ Club, in the name of all...

Institutional history be damned

The Beaverton makes people chuckle

The Beaverton is Toronto’s leading native satirical newspaper

Is it safe to call this a definitive Shins album?

Hart House Theatre presented the 17th annual U of T Festival of Dance

Reality television gets dystopian in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games

Rejected fruit flies turn to booze

Male fruit flies drink more alcohol when a female denies them sex

Part three of a three-part series: A math genius shares his reflections on romantic love, relationships, and commitment

Traditional teacher Cat Criger, UTM’s Aboriginal elder, talks about his philosophies on life and spirituality

Studies find a link between time spent on Facebook and narcissistic personality traits

Summer at the RAWC stays as active as you

UTM provides a variety of activities during the summer season for students and community

Life after university for U of T varsity athletes

Highlighting the 2011/12 intramural season in UTM sports