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Volume 38, Issue 17 (February 6, 2012)

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Parking vote confusion resolved

Erindale College Council recommends fee increases.

CFS receives over half a million dollars of student funding from U of T each year.

Mojab gave expert testimony on what an honour killing entails to assist the jury in reaching a verdict.

Canadian Federation of Students leads campaign to protest restrictions of tuition grant.

Clock is ticking for university to make “reasonable contract”.

Op-Ed: Policy vs. protest

I also think it’s more effective to educate students on the financial and policy matters that surround not only issues that effect our own interests, but the interests of the people of the province as a whole.

Despite the absurdity of the event itself, it is nice to see our union go out and take some initiative.

Looking good in Facebook photos

Stop taking mirror shots and tinting your photos green and continue reading these tips for a sweet Facebook picture.

The boy who lived takes on new horror flick, The Woman in Black.

Born to Die is an album that’s born to disappoint, given such high expectations from a public that wants to see failure.

Whatever it is, it’s working.

Adele and Bon Iver make the biggest waves, but what about Kanye?

A warm winter? What’s that all aboot?

Canadians love talking about our unpredictable weather. What do they think about our strangely warm winter?

What does your voice say about you? Whether it’s high, low, or fast-paced, your voice communicates lots.

Is it impossible to get through a day without cursing?

Profile on UTM graduating student Bobby Diaz, who volunteers working with LGBTQ youth in Toronto.

Controlling obesity through policy

Researchers suggest implementing policies to promote healthy lifestyles.

Leafs’ hopes to make the playoffs look promising.

Testing the waters for UTM’s new hydrorider class, a spinning class in the pool.

UTM tri-campus basketball knocks St. George Black out of the championship race in a 55–53 overtime victory.