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Study in style and comfort by staying on trend this winter

While most of us (including myself) would prefer to hibernate for the winter season, it does seem important—if only to avoid becoming a hermit—to leave the house at some point. For the times when you do emerge from the hollows of your bedroom, there are a few style essentials to consider for the upcoming winter. This season’s trends are all about making warmth look oh, so good, making the need to leave the house more desirable. With these winter trends, it’s almost impossible to go wrong!

Chelsea boots

In their truest form, Chelsea boots are leather, pointed-toe ankle boots and appear quite masculine. Shoe designers have taken some liberties with the style to make it more feminine with a small heel and a higher, slimmer ankle. Paired with skinny pants, tights, or rolled-up boyfriend jeans, Chelsea boots add character to any outfit. They’re the perfect casual shoe for the winter season—and you can only go wrong by not purchasing a pair.

Blazer jackets

The boxy look is on trend this winter and the blazer jacket is the perfect way to achieve it. The blazer jacket is essentially an longer, oversized blazer, and could be considered this season’s replacement for the pea coat. Unless you’re six feet tall, however, it’s important to wear slim-fitting clothes under the jacket so the body doesn’t lose its shape. Keep your eye out for a blazer jacket with leather (or faux leather) detailing; these are simply the crème de la crème.


This is the ultimate way to feel and look feminine in a season dominated by uggs and parkas. A midi-skirt tapers off just below the knee, which can be an awkward length for many women, since the lower body loses its shape and the legs get their perceived length cut down to the calf. To counteract this, tuck a well-fitted top into the skirt to retain the shape of your upper body and define the waist. Avoid pairing the skirt with boots or ankle booties to keep some length in the legs.


Peplum has dominated mainstream and high fashion for the past six months. It comes in a variety of different styles, but a “peplum” is essentially an overskirt. No doubt the trend will still be around next spring, but it’s making its major debut this fall and winter. The peplum should hit the waist; any higher or lower can make the body look boxy. Also, avoid peplum tops with busy necklines, as these can take away from the striking shape of the top.

Printed pants

This winter, move your wild prints and colours from your top to your bottom. You won’t be sorry. Printed and coloured pants are the perfect way to add excitement to your favourite one-tone sweaters and blouses that are so popular during the winter season. It’s important to keep in mind that although this winter calls for brighter colours, even white, keep pastels and other “summer colours” reserved for warmer weather. Be careful when mixing prints, and remember that there’s a fine line between colour-blocking and clashing.

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