Demolition of the William G. Davis meeting place and former registrar’s office are currently taking place, with half of the meeting place blocked off by scaffolding and construction material. It is expected to be completed by the end of February, at which time the design will begin to be constructed.

The renovations are expected to be completed in three phases, with phase 1 focusing on updating the communal meeting place near Tim Hortons and the old registrar office which should be completed by fall of 2018. Phase 2 will be the Temporary Food court (TFC) undergoing construction with the food vendors from TFC, moving into the newly updated meeting place.

All food locations are expected to be operational throughout the renovations in order to continue to serve students.

The proposed plans are expected to expand seating in the building to accommodate approximately 900 seats to better serve the growing UTM population.

Phase three will feature an updated main entrance to the Davis building. The proposed design sees an updated and more level staircase to make the building more accessible. The project design also shows a raised roof, updated exterior and a new external canopy.

The finished project will feature ten new food vendors and an updated entrance to the building. The updated entrance is meant to reduce the amount of traffic flow outside of the building to accommodate personal vehicles and the bus routes.

The entirety of the renovations are expected to be finished by September 2019.

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