Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tag: Yusra Khogali

BLM activist speaks at UTM

UTMSU hosted Yusra Khogali, Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder, for their “Being Black in the Ummah” event on February 25th, meant to discuss the...

Low turnout at the UTSU town hall

Following UTSU’s town hall with the Black Liberation Collective last Thursday, BLC claimed that they were not invited to the meeting. According to UTSU’s Facebook...

U of T students rally for free education

All three U of T campuses united for a rally in downtown Toronto last Wednesday on the National Day of Action, advocating for free...

Conflicting reports surface about race stats at U of T

Conflicting reports have surfaced following a meeting held between members of the Black Liberation Collective and U of T senior administration last December, a...

U of T to collect race statistics

U of T will soon be collecting information from students and employees based on race in an effort to aid the establishment of university...

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