Monday, May 20, 2024

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Women’s basketball shows resilience

This past Wednesday, November 21st our UTM Eagles faced off against the Humber Hawks in an exciting game of basketball. Humber is currently second...

Led through strong communication

Tamara Scepanovic, a second-year UTM Life Science student is not only an athletic and dynamic setter for the UTM women’s D-League volleyball team, but...

Coach Salee, there and back again

The thought of going into sports as a career may seem unthinkable to most—especially in Canada, where if you’re not into hockey, there’s no...

Close, but no cigar

As the seconds on the shot clock wound down, four girls in white spread out around the key. Individually they pressed tightly to guard their opponents.

UTM women’s volleyball wins again

The UTM women’s Division Two volleyball team won their game 2–1 against University College (UC) on Tuesday, October 11.

St George exacts revenge on Eagles

St. George Team A gets revenge on UTM by capitalizing on a defensive collapse in the second half of a womens tri-campus basketball game. On...

A day to remember for UTM soccer – Women's Division 1...

UTM womens division 1 soccer won 2-0 over UTSC after a blowout performance. The victory, UTMs second over UTSC in a year, meant that...

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