Monday, May 20, 2024

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Halloween Pub posts record sales

UTMSU hosted the annual Halloween Pub last Thursday night where students in a wide variety of costumes crowded the Blind Duck Pub.

Avant-garde opening at the AGO

The AGO has not only acquired the entire General Idea: Haute Couture exhibition that debuted at the French art space earlier this year, but most recently the AGO also became home to a collection of 118 works that make up the highly anticipated, limited-time exhibition Chagall and the Russian Avante-Garde.

UTM Blue defeats White in Battle of UTM

On October 26, the two UTM Division 1 men’s basketball teams faced off against each other.

Life in the new Panopticon

You’ve seen them before. Those pictures online. The girl holds a camera out in front of her. She pouts her lips, makes sure her cleavage is exposed, and snaps a picture of herself.

Academic renovations underway

An academic town hall was held to gather input and address concerns from the UTM community last Wednesday in the William G. Davis Building.

Letter to the Editor: Reflection on the Occupy demonstrations

Instead of lamenting and wallowing in the economic hardships faced by all, I would like to see an Occupy Toronto movement that is invested in fostering competition, hard work, education, and solidarity among fellow Canadians.

Restraints of a student budget

The Student Financial Workshop, offered through the partnership of the UTM Students’ Union and the Office of the Registrar, was held on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Student Centre.

Ceremonials—Florence + The Machine

There was a lot of hype surrounding her second album for quite some time, and hype, as we know, can be a very dangerous thing.

Stay in school and stay in shape

It’s that time of year again: you’re pulling on a pair of pants that you haven’t worn since summer, and gasp! they’re tight, and you’ve gained some weight.

Luke’s Languages; Part 2

What’s a dialect? “Talking with an accent.” What’s an accent? “When people talk funny.” What’s talking funny? “When they don’t sound, you know, normal!” So what’s normal? Actually, not so easy to answer.

Violence and art in video games

Even if the games themselves are not art, there may be valid artistic expression inside them on one level or another.

Phase out: The problem with club funding

With a finite amount of money for club funding, big clubs that can fund great events and attract members will keep getting bigger, while small clubs don’t get the money they would need to draw in new members.

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