Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Paranormal ticket sales

Based on his experiences living in a creaky house, and inspired by the indie-horror box-office success The Blair Witch Project, Peli came out with Paranormal Activity. Now, following the success of Paranormal Activity 2, Peli returns as producer for the third instalment of the saga.

ASPAWC debates Doha

The Arab Students for Peace and World Change (ASPAWC) club held their first The Doha Debates-style discussion with UTM professor Jens Hanssen at the Student Centre last Wednesday.

En avant: Onwards, Tennessee

Hart House’s original production, The Gentleman Caller, examines the life and times of playwright Tennessee Williams

Walking a very thin line

I don’t think that the incident Ms. El-Kadri mentions can be defined as hate speech. Nor does it legally fall under freedom of expression, simply because the offender didn’t publicly express anything.

Michigan Left—Arkells

Michigan Left, on first listen, is noticeably different from their debut album, Jackson Square; although the Arkells’ spirit is retained, this is not Jackson Square Part 2.

Do women in math and science avoid romance?

A recent study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin suggests that women who want to pursue a romantic relationship will stay away from science, technology, engineering, and math (also called STEM).

Community gathers with MSA

As part of their Community Lecture Series, the UTM Muslim Students’ Association hosted guest lecturer Hamza Andreas Tzortzis in the William G. Davis Building on Wednesday night.

Jays 2011 season recap

For Jays fans, this is yet another year where we are on the outside looking in during the playoffs.

Freedom to hate?

Her and two other girls were wearing a hijab, and all of a sudden another girl made a very stunning comment. She said, “All Muslims are terrorists and they only thing they know how to do is kill people.”

UTM Blue lose home opener

On Wednesday, October 19, UTM Blue played their Division 1 home opener against the Faculty of Physical Education and Health. Despite their best efforts, the UTM men’s basketball team was defeated by FPEH, with a final score of 71–80.

Louis CK kills it at the Sony Centre

Louis CK is still, and will probably continue to be, the funniest man out there right now.

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