Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Alternative policy to tution hikes

The budget cites that tuition fees have increased at more than double the rate of inflation since the 1990s.

Speak-Off on UTM politics

Students debated UTMSU elections and UTMAC candidates campaigned at the event

Teaching assistant union holds controversial meeting

CUPE national representative warns against violating bylaws

Québec students protest tuition hikes

As part of a series of protests, thousands of students took to the streets of downtown Montréal in the largest demonstration yet against the...

What now?

Life after university for U of T varsity athletes

Ruba in Response

This letter is written is response to last week’s letter to the editor, “Disappointed with the Union”. I would like to begin by apologizing...

Why is it okay to parody some groups and not others?

Dear Editor, We, the executives of the Catholic Students’ Club, in the name of all concerned students, express our sincere disapproval regarding the article released...

The business of sustainability

Bob Willard gave a talk on sustainability last Tuesday

A new kind of history

Institutional history be damned

We really “like” ourselves

Studies find a link between time spent on Facebook and narcissistic personality traits

Picture this

UTSU incumbent campaigns for Engage, refuses photos

Everyone just wants a good show

Reality television gets dystopian in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games

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