Monday, December 5, 2022

Tag: volume-38-issue-14

What is wellness?

To kick off the new year, UTM’s Health & Counselling Centre is leading an initiative called Wellness January, a month of activities promoting health and wellness.

UTM updates email server

The new program is called “UTmail+”.

Stress: friend or foe?

Whether stress is beneficial or not depends on the level of stress and how you decide to deal with it.

Gearing up for ArtsFest

The ART’s mandate is to help students express their talents and passions through campus-wide and student-run events.

Professor recognized for scientific breakthrough

Steinberg and his colleagues at the Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control at U of T won the honour with their experimental work on the fundamentals of quantum mechanics.

ECC in response

I must first respond to untruths in both Gilbert Cassar’s “Presidential Seasonal Message to the Masses” and Ruba El Khadri’s “Student Voice Stifled” pieces.

Inspiration is not enough

Deeply rooted in Olympic ideology is the idea that if a country excels at the Olympics, the medal-winning athletes will inspire more children to train hard to achieve the same goal.

Career Centre provides employment opportunities

The turnout was more than double last year’s, and the Career Centre is looking to attract even a larger turnout for next year’s event, said Claire Westgate, the manager of partner relations for experiential opportunities.

Lady Eagles accept defeat

UTM played against St. George Blue, who challenged the Eagles with a full-court press that the girls just could not beat.

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