Monday, December 11, 2023

Tag: volume-38-issue-10

Another “Drop Fees” campaign

UTMSU held the year’s first Drop Fees coalition meeting last Tuesday. At the meeting they discussed how to raise awareness for the Drop Fees Rally, scheduled for February 1.

U of T tops rankings in research

U of T was named number one for research in 2011 on a list of the top 50 Canadian research universities. The list, released on Tuesday, November 1 by Research Infosource, ranked Canadian universities research based on input, output, and impact indicators.

Jewish groups protest upcoming Islamic course

The University of Toronto is being pressed by Jewish organizations to cancel an Islamic seminar course taught by scholar Abdullah Hakim Quick due to his public anti-Semitic and homophobic comments.

Urinal etiquette

It’s nice to be free and loose. But not always. These days, I look back to an older time, when manners and etiquette ruled and everyone had a sense of politeness and courtesy. Sometimes it’s arbitrary and dumb. But sometimes it just makes things flow.

J. Edgar: the man, the mystery, the movie

I had read several negative reviews that put a serious damper on my hopes for J. Edgar, but after sitting in my theatre seat for 137 minutes completely captivated, I couldn’t help but wonder if the critics watched the same movie I did.

Café sublime

Last Wednesday many UTM artists, equipped with their talents, gathered in the Faculty Club to perform at the first Coffee House of the year. For those of you not familiar with this event, Coffee House is a relaxing night of art organized by Artistic Resource, which celebrates and fosters creativity on campus.

Joes not so average

At halftime and down by two goals, Jack Krist, captain of the Rookies, already knows why his team was behind: “[We’re] an older, mostly staff team, and we’re a little bit slower than these young guys,” he jokes.

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