Friday, September 22, 2023

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Exploring ethics and video games

UTM’s Experiential Education Unit and Office of the Dean have collaborated with Mississauga’s Library System to host lectures meant to display contemporary research occurring at the...

Video games & fanfiction as literature?

Two courses offered at UTM, ENG279 and ENG276, take a crucial look at two unconventional literary models: Video Games and Fanfiction. While UTM started offering Video...

What’s under the bed

Disclaimer: for the sake of the experience, I will do my best not to spoil anything. Undertale is an indie video game developed by music...

The “Guardians of UTM” are coming

“Something like this has never really been done before for a school,” says Chris Primerano, a fourth-year computer science student. Primerano is the programmer...

Violence and art in video games

Even if the games themselves are not art, there may be valid artistic expression inside them on one level or another.

Because losing is fun

Take seven dwarves, remove any bulimic princesses, and plonk them into a wilderness replete with wild animals, goblins and the occasional vengeful spirit. It...

2010 in games

2010, by all appearances, seems a good year for video games. Hit titles Mass Effect, Fable, God of War and Final Fantasy are returning,...

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