Friday, March 31, 2023

Tag: UTSU board structure

UTMSU absent from UTSU SGM

UTMSU was noticeably absent from UTSU’s special general meeting held Wednesday where a board structure was officially passed following over a year of consultation...

Part two of AGM this week

UTSU has made changes to the board structure proposal, to be voted on at its special general meeting this Wednesday. At UTSU’s annual general meeting...

Who says youth aren’t engaged?

Every UTM student should attend UTSU’s annual general meeting—at least once. I attended my first AGM downtown last year and was amazed. I’d never seen...

UTSU fails to ratify new structure

The UTSU failed to ratify an elected board structure in time for its deadline on October 14. Two possible board structures were debated at the...

Discourse on racism needs review

“All races are equal.” No controversy in saying that, right? Well, maybe not. One of the first times I encountered the concept of “white privilege” was...

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