Monday, July 22, 2024

Tag: UTM students

(Don’t) pass it down: breaking stereotypes

This year, the U of Mosaic Fellowship made it their main mission to create an interactive art exhibit in UTM’s CCT atrium. The exhibit, entitled Don’t...

Breakdown: UTSU fees paid by UTM students

On April 30, 2008, the UTSU and UTMSU drew up the Associate Membership Agreement (AMA) in the hopes of improving services for both UTSG...

Finance literacy with a creative twist

With a Ph.D. in economics and accounting, Radha Maharaj, a sessional instructor in UTM’s ICCIT department who is referred to as Dr. M or...

The new library: time to study?

The fairly new Hazel McCallion Learning Centre (HMLC) can be quite a sight for a first-time visitor. Boasting tall glass windows, a spacious layout,...

Eliminating borders

UTM is a hub for volunteer organizations dedicated to fulfilling the ideal of global citizenship. One of these groups, UTM VIDA (Volunteers for Intercultural...

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