Sunday, October 1, 2023

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UTMSU launches fee coalition

On Wednesday, UTMSU spoke to about 30 students on campus in the Presentation Room at 1 p.m. for about two hours during the “Drop...

Alternative policy to tution hikes

The budget cites that tuition fees have increased at more than double the rate of inflation since the 1990s.

Québec students protest tuition hikes

As part of a series of protests, thousands of students took to the streets of downtown Montréal in the largest demonstration yet against the...

Students rally against high tuition

Canadian Federation of Students leads campaign to protest restrictions of tuition grant.

The “Drop Fees” benefit

Despite the absurdity of the event itself, it is nice to see our union go out and take some initiative.

Politicians unveil tuition grant on campus

Student union protests for those ineligible for the grant.

A busy week

Ive never found it particularly hard to come up with a topic for my editorials. This week I found the opposite: I have too...

St. George students face flat fees

A decision to introduce flat-rate tuition fees was approved by the University of Toronto Governing Council this past Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at the...

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