Monday, March 27, 2023

Tag: transphobia

Free speech rally incites controversy

Transphobic comments Ever since U of T psychology professor, Jordan Peterson, refused to recognize genderless pronouns in his YouTube lectures on September 27 and October...

When dissent is punished, we are polarized

One of the requests UTMSU makes in its letter to U of T administration regarding Jordan Peterson is “the deletion of his ‘transphobic and...

U of T responds to transphobic threats

U of T has sent an email to its community members, students, and faculty, addressing threats it alleges were made on social media against...

UTMSU alleges transphobic comments of U of T professor

UTMSU released a letter to U of T on Thursday, protesting the “transphobic” and “racist” comments made by U of T’s psychology professor Jordan...

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