Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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Understanding the Syrian experience

Friday March 15th marked the eighth year of the ongoing conflict in Syria; the war that forced 5.6 million Syrians to be displaced away from their...

Shayna Jan learns perfect isn’t possible

Being a perfectionist means putting in 100 per cent and not being satisfied until your efforts have been rewarded with a result that meets...

Financial literacy: is there a gender gap?

Last Tuesday, a Backpack to Briefcase event was held at Deerfield Hall, focusing on the role of gender in financial literacy and featuring Candice...

Marathoning your way through exams

Soon enough, students will begin emerging from hibernation and congregating in libraries and study spaces to prepare for the most painful time of the...

Weird test and exam rituals

We asked students what rituals they performed when writing essays, taking exams, or just plain studying.

Is the MCAT still relevant?

Thousands of undergraduate students in Canada and the United States write this standardized exam at least once in their lives. The MCAT, or Medical College Admissions Test, is often the final hurdle for a pre-med student’s application.

Why study the humanities?

For the past four years I’ve studied English at UTM, and for the past four years, I couldn’t tell you why I did it.

People are more moral than they think

People may say that when an opportunity arises, they would choose to act morally. The question is, would they really do so? Are people...

Memorization tips for students

Everyone is different, including when it comes to learning and memorization. The world can be split into three learning styles: visual learners (65% of...

Health and aging

Many people do not want to look older than their age, but researchers have discovered that looking older may not necessarily be a bad...

How to study hard and party harder

Now that summer is over and the school year has begun, it’s time to stop partying and start studying. Right? Well, not completely. Although...

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