Sunday, July 14, 2024

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UTM’s Miss World Canada contestant

Miss World Canada is a national beauty pageant that has been held annually in Canada since 1957. The winner gets to represent Canada at Miss World—a...

Students share budgeting tips

Have you heard about Alex Kenjeev? Kenjeev, a U of T law school graduate, paid off a $114,460 student loan in cash back in...

Student voice in governance

The UTM Students’ Union advocated for greater student representation in the university’s decision-making process at the governance town hall last Wednesday.

Restraints of a student budget

The Student Financial Workshop, offered through the partnership of the UTM Students’ Union and the Office of the Registrar, was held on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Student Centre.

The part-time confusion

This week I was made aware of the history behind EPUS and its complex role in representing nearly 1,000 part-time undergraduate students at UTM. It was a difficult process, to say the least.

Student engagement at Clubs Week

Clubs Week typically runs the entire second week of each semester and covers pastimes and interests for almost every walk of life on campus.

Student engagement at UTM

WITH NOTES FROM CATHERINE LOPES AND JODELLE DEJESUS Last week I stood in line to get my U-Pass from the Presentation Room. I was bored, so I...

A word about engagement

We published an article this week ( see page 8 ) on the ever-present issue of student engagement (or lack thereof) at UTM. Now,...

Student awaits publication

The world is ruined from a forgotten apocalypse. A single city shines in the wreckage, and only a single man sees anything wrong with...

1 in 7 students drop out

The second semester is well underway. With midterms nipping at your heels, are you thinking of dropping out? Statistics show that 1 in 7...

U of T student arrested

A University of Toronto student who stands accused of faking his own abduction now faces three charges against him after being arrested again for...

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