Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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Inequality gap grows

The recent report released on January 19 by Oxfam, a group of almost 20 organizations working in almost 100 countries to fight poverty, reported...

Stem cell donations on campus

UTM’s Lifeline held the second annual Stem Cell Research Donation event on Tuesday.

UTM rocks for cancer research

Students jammed at the Blind Duck Pub on Friday in a benefit concert for breast cancer research

New innovation in cardiac surgery

U of T professor uses stem cell technology in heart surgery

U of T tops rankings in research

U of T was named number one for research in 2011 on a list of the top 50 Canadian research universities. The list, released on Tuesday, November 1 by Research Infosource, ranked Canadian universities research based on input, output, and impact indicators.

U of T develops microchip for cancer research

Currently, there is only one test on the market that can detect cancer cells in the blood: CellSearch, a Johnson & Johnson creation. The...

Research reveals link between depression and smoking

A new study conducted by Michael Chaiton of the University of Toronto and Jennifer O’Loughlin of the University of Montreal reveals a connection between...

China recognized as number one in stem cell research

Canada and U of T pride themselves of being pioneers of medical sciences, having participated in advances as important as the discovery of insulin...

U of T ranks no. 1 in research

For the fourth consecutive year, Research Infosource Inc. ranked the University of Toronto asthe best Canadian Research University. Research Infosource is a consulting firm that...

Students shave to save

On October 15, students gathered at the Blind Duck Pub from 12 to 3 p.m. to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. The...

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