Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Tag: racist?

Freedom to hate?

Her and two other girls were wearing a hijab, and all of a sudden another girl made a very stunning comment. She said, “All Muslims are terrorists and they only thing they know how to do is kill people.”

Maclean’s suggests U of T community is “too Asian”

Toronto city councillor Mike Layton’s first motion at city council was to ask Maclean’s magazine to “apologize unreservedly” for its “negative stereotyping of the...

Homophobia hits home

Last Sunday a student’s door was vandalized in Oscar Peterson Hall. The words “FUCK YOU FAGGOT. EGYPTIAN SLAVE BOY” were written on the door...

Disappointed and Disillusioned

Dear Editor, Originally I had written a long, angry rant. Obviously, that isnt the letter Im submitting to you now. As of Friday night, I...

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