Sunday, April 21, 2024

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Are politicians ignoring student voters?

Elections. Politicians perk up their ears to the latest issues. News outlets scavenge the podiums for scraps of gossip. Living in a world primarily consisting...

Political critique of Pan Am madness

Let’s imagine that Sports, Fine Art, and Politics are people and they all end up in a room together. All three know each other,...

Debating student politics

Last week’s debate was just plain sad.

The politics of participation in art

Students gathered in the CCT Building to hear professor and published author Alexander García Düttman discuss the nature of participation in art.

Politicians unveil tuition grant on campus

Student union protests for those ineligible for the grant.

The commodification and distraction of politics

It looks like a season three of The Flavor of Love.

Disagreement can be a good thing

Given the amount of feedback I have received on such a wide range of issues, I must conclude that people do, in fact, have opinions on what goes down at UTM, despite what you may have heard. Apathy is so 2011.

UTMSU introduces DisOrientation Week

The UTMSU held its DisOrientation event last week to unite students on campus who share a passion for various initiatives in politics, equity, and social justice.

How to win an election: lessons from Canadian politics

Politics is a question of who we are as a society, and where we want to go. The role of a politician is widely...

Student group asks UTSU tough questions

U of T’s General Assembly was held on January 19 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Multifaith Centre. The UTSU-sponsored assembly was meant...

Politics is always the same

I always thought university campuses are a reflection of the country they are in. Take UTM. Like Canada, it has a small, yet diverse...

Ignatieff goes back to school

On his cross-country tour, Ignatieff plans to hold town halls at various universities in attempts to reach out to younger generations and hear the...

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